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ECC is a school specializing in training English and Computing for every level of students (from children to adult) with the objective of expanding their knowledge and skills to become competent in business and working with overseas foreign companies. Recently, ECC has developed many new courses to meet the needs of our growing student base, particularly in Chinese, Japanese and other languages.



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 Head Office:  991 No. 4A10 (Education Center) Siam Paragon, Rama1 road,  Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330

Tel. 0-2655-3333         Fax. 0-2655-3255
: [email protected]  website:

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Branches of ECC         

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Branches in Central Group

Branches in The Mall Group

Branches in other

department stores

-  Central Tower Bangna   

-  The Mall Ngamwongwan

-  Siam Paragon

-  Central Pinklao 

-  The Mall Thapra

-  Future Park Rangsit

-  Central Chaengwattana

-  The Mall Bangkae

-  Seacon Square

-  Central Rama II

-  Seacon Bangkae

-  Central Westgate

Branches in Tesco Lotus Group

-  Big C Extra  Lardprao

-  Central Salaya

-  Tesco Lotus Salaya

-  Fashion Island

-  Tesco Lotus Sukhapiban 1

-  Plearnary Mall Watcharapol

-  Tesco Lotus Plus Srinakarin

-  Market Village Suwannabhum

-  Tesco Lotus Plus Bangyai


Upcountry Branches






-  Chiangmai

-  Nakornsawan

-  Robinson Hatyai

-  Chaingrai

-  Nakornpathom

-  Central Festival Phuket


-  Tesco Lotus Ayutthaya

-  Yala






-  Rayong                

-  Central Khonkaen


-  Central Chonburi

-  Ubonrajchathani


-  Sriracha





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 ITEC Group has also established a training center for Teachers of English Language.  The Teacher Training Center offers many courses in the area of teaching including the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners).  The ECC Teacher Training Center is the only center in Thailand in offering the CELTA, where the graduates receive certification from Cambridge University, United Kingdom.


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Head Office:  9 ITEC House Rajdamri Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330

Tel. 0-2655-3333 Fax. 0-2655-3255

Email : [email protected]  Website:



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inlingua, International school of languages, in Bangkok operates under license from inlingua in Switzerland and is the sole operator of the inlingua method in Thailand. Internationally, inlingua has over 400 schools around the world, in over 40 countries. The Thailand Head Office is located on 4th floor of The Esplanade on Ratchadapisek Road. The teaching system and courseware is standardized throughout the world and inlingua employs only highly qualified teachers, who are committed to international standards of service and training. Students are confident that, at inlingua, they are getting the best instructors, and studying courses that meet their specific needs. Presently there is a total of 21 inlingua locations in Thailand, 18 in Bangkok and 3 upcountry in Hat Yai, Udonthanee and Nakornratchasima.

Branches in Central Group

Branches in other department stores and office buildings

Branches in Up country

Central Pinklao

Future Park Rangsit    

- Central Had Yai

Central Bangna

The Mall Bangkapi     

- Central Udonthanee

-  Central Rama III

- The Mall Bangkae

- The Mall Nakornratchasima

-  Central Rama II

- Siam Paragon


-  Central Rattanathibet

- Fashion Island


- Central Chaengwattana

- Esplanade Ratchadapisek


Central Salaya

- Major Ratchayothin


- Corporate Training Department

- Paradise Park



Seacon Bangkae


Head Office: 99, 4th floor, Esplanade, Ratchadaphisek, Bangkok 10400

Tel. 02-641-3380-1  Fax. 02-641-3382
: [email protected]  Website:

Corporate Training Department: Tel. 02-642-28084-7 Fax. 02-641-3893

Email : [email protected]  Website:  


 In 2003, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) appointed ITEC to operate a subsidiary of its language center in Thailand - RMIT English Worldwide Bangkok Campus. RMIT Bangkok Campus runs high quality English courses to prepare students to study overseas. The Academic English Program also gives students direct entry to RMIT University - in Melbourne Australia – without the need to sit IELTS or Toefl examinations.



7th  floor, Siam Tower Building, Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Tel. 02-658-0284 Fax. 02-658-0284 

Email:  [email protected]   Website:



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New Education World Bangkok Campus is one of Thailand’s leading academic language training centers – committed to providing quality training and support to open up a world of further education and career opportunities.
New Education World is an authorized training Centre for the Direct Entry program to RMIT University (Melbourne), a delivery center for Inter-Excel Airline training Seminars, and a reliable pathway to other international education programs.
New Education World also specializes in training for a wide variety of English Language Proficiency testing (IELTS, TOELF, SAT, TOEIC etc.) – preparing students to meet the entrance requirements of Colleges and Universities all over the globe.

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NEW Education World Branches


l  Chamchuri Square

l  Future Park Rangsit

l  KMIT University, Lat krabang

l  The Mall Bangkae



Head Office: 339 Chamchuri Square 3rd Floor Phayathai Rd. Phayathai Bangkok 10330

Tel. 0-2657-6055-7   Fax. 0-2657-6058

Email:  [email protected] Website:


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This well-known overseas study counselling center was established in 1987. EduWorld is a founding member of the Thai International Education Consultants Association (TIECA).  We are recognized by many organizations and leading education institutions; an authorized New Zealand education specialist and recognized agent from the New Zealand Embassy, the first authorized AEAS Test center in Thailand for Australian secondary schools and an education agent for more than 500 institutes worldwide. We also provide other services and activities e.g. Student Exchange Program (Thailand-USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Germany) and Summer Camps.

Our Services include:

Ÿ :: Counselling service   Ÿ :: AEAS Test Center
Ÿ :: Student Exchange Program   Ÿ:: Summer Camps
 Ÿ:: Language preparation    Ÿ :: Translation service


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Head Office:  339 Chamchuri Square 3rd Floor Phayathai Rd. Phayathai Bangkok 10330

Tel. 0-2255-3340 fax. 0-2255-3343

Email: [email protected]  Website :

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Star Maker Vocal Performing Academy, founded by the renowned singer, Ms. Maneenuch Smerasut, is the first vocal performance school in Thailand specializing in voice technique and stage performance training.  Star Maker developed the Multi Media Teaching System (MTS) to ensure that vocal training of all students is consistent and standardized.  Star Maker caters to students from aged 5 years to adults.  All courses of Star Maker are certified by the Ministry of Education.


Star Maker currently has 10 branches located in major department stores in Bangkok. 


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Branches in Central Group

Branches in The Mall Group

Branches in other departmentstores

-  Central City Bangna

-  The Mall Ngamwongwan

-  Future Park Rangsit

-  Central Rattanathibet 

-  The Mall Bangkae

-  Major Ratchayothin

-  Central Pinklao

-  Siam Paragon

-  Central Rama II



-  Central Chaengwattana







Head Office:  9 ITEC House Rajdamri Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330

Tel. 0-2655-3333       Fax. 0-2655-3255
Email: [email protected]  website:



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Tutor House, established in 2008, aims to improve students’ academic abilities in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Thai language.  Classes, held in small groups of around 10 students, are taught by qualified instructors who are specialists in their respective fields.  


Tutor house, on its expansion stage, currently has 12 branches throughout the country.


Tutor House Branches

::  The Mall Bangkae

::  Central Pinklao

::  Prachauthit

:: The Mall Ngamwongwan

::  Central Rama 2

::  Chan Road

::  Tesco Lotus Plus Bangyai


::  Central Salaya

::  Fashion Island


::  Tesco Lotus Plus Srinakharin



::  Seacon Bangkae




::  Market Village  



Head Office:  5th Floor  Central Pinklao Tower A Office Building 7/129 Boromratchonni  Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700 Tel:0 2884 9898 Fax:0 2884 9899
Email: [email protected] Website:

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Double Trees International School, through its play and activity based approach, encourages students to explore and learn new things around them. This approach effectively develops the interest, curiosity, motivation and attention span of children. We take a holistic approach in learning. We focus on physical development personal social and emotional well-being, preparing a stable foundation for our students to excel through an exciting lifelong journey of learning

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